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 why you should fix stuff as soon as you know something is wrong

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PostSubject: why you should fix stuff as soon as you know something is wrong   3/20/2009, 2:21 am

so most side jobs i do arnt that exciting or out of the ordinary, oil changes and what not.

but this time its different.

im working on a super clean 82 toyota 4x4 with the worst blown headgasket ive ever seen Sad the truck has been almost exclusively maintained by the dealer ship, has REAL toyota replacement parts on it down to kanji script on the oil filter. all the original bolts/hoses/ covers/ ect. are there, intact, and come apart easily. ive never worked on a car this easy to work on, with lil to no jack-ass-ed-dry on it. its also only used 4x4 a couple times and mostly for snow reasons. in fact, its a lot like my truck when i got it (body wise) cept my truck lived in a commune of jackass mechanics that didnt own tools and had no concept of "if a bolt comes off it should go back in".

the block and head are garbage now, fancy paper weights if you will. i will be swapping in a 20r and a weber here shortly.

so heres the truck

yes thats really 260,000 on the clock

so heres the fun part, i dont need to make funny comments as the pics more then speak for themselves.

not really sure what to blame on this one either. i found the following things wrong:

radiator stop leak added at some point (DONT EVER USE THAT CRAP EVAAAAAAAA!!!11!)
typical non functioning fan clutch
leaking radiator...
timing chain converted from a dual chain with metal guides to a single with plastic guides.
and the head is severly warped, the owner swears he didnt drive it after it started to overheat and it never got to the "red"

still cant get over how much material is missing from the head, that is F'n amazing. and not one single toyota dork i know has EVER seen one that bad.

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PostSubject: Re: why you should fix stuff as soon as you know something is wrong   3/20/2009, 2:53 pm

It'll buff out Very Happy

Back it up and punch it!
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why you should fix stuff as soon as you know something is wrong
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