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 Audi Heater Core

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PostSubject: Audi Heater Core   Audi Heater Core Empty8/12/2009, 12:11 am


What a pain in the ass...not sure what was worse, the work or the 2 week wait for the part. Mad

Anyways, here's the pics I took during the ordeal, didn't many tho. Figure we spent about 10 hrs total on it.

Audi Heater Core DSCN0008

Audi Heater Core DSCN0015

Audi Heater Core DSCN0016

The prize!

Audi Heater Core DSCN0017

A small sample of the mess.

Audi Heater Core DSCN0018

This housing is buried next to the firewall. Newer Audis have an acces under the hood...dicks Audi Heater Core 636856

Audi Heater Core DSCN0019

Audi Heater Core DSCN0020

Maybe he'll take some pic's of the rest of the car Laughing

Back it up and punch it!
Audi Heater Core Sigpic2
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Microwave tater tots

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PostSubject: Re: Audi Heater Core   Audi Heater Core Empty8/15/2009, 3:31 pm

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Audi Heater Core
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