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 On-Board Air Using a Sanden Compressor

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PostSubject: On-Board Air Using a Sanden Compressor   2/16/2009, 3:18 am

Components in order of flow:

Air filter > lubricator > a/c compressor > oil seperator > check valve > air tank

tank > particle/water filter > hose coupler
tank > (back to the engine compartment) > adj. electric pressure switch > in cab gauge

I'm currently using 20/50 oil with a little MMO in there to lubricate the compressor.

On the compressor manifold I welded up the stock holes after cutting off the pipes and just tapped the backside of the manifold using 1/4" NPT Pnufit "push to connect" fittings on all the components.


Engine Compartment.


Auto Pressure Switch to control compressor set @ 120psi

Oil separator with spring loaded check valve magically dumps and lubricates my wheel well went full. (My next addition is to recirculate the oil back into the lubricator.)

And the most important part is to REMEMBER TO BRING THE AIR HOSE. Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: On-Board Air Using a Sanden Compressor   2/16/2009, 4:37 am

I know I like a well lubricated wheel well Very Happy

Back it up and punch it!
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On-Board Air Using a Sanden Compressor
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